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The COVID-19 effect seen in salons across the globe!

3 out of 4 hair stylists across the world have seen a 75% increase in hair loss according to Behind the Chair online. When actress Alyssa Milano tweeted that she was experiencing hair loss after testing positive for COVID-19 antibodies, BTC investigated the science behind this situation.

COVID-19 has affected different people in many different ways. Those who have suffered from the virus have had a wide range of symptoms reported post having the illness– from mild symptoms to severe symptoms like hair loss, hair thinning and balding. Long-term side effects following COVID-19 infection have caused many devastating symptoms, from loss of taste and smell to brain fog and fatigue. Hair loss has also been reported as a common symptom among women seen at hair salons across the world. While this side effect could be one of the most alarming, it is short lived in most circumstances.


People develop noticeable hair loss after recovering from COVID-19

People all over the world are experiencing dramatic hair loss months after recovering from COVID-19, as many people find that their hair is falling out in large clumps and causing thinning and balding and much emotional distress. If we’ve learned anything from the coronavirus pandemic, it’s to expect the unexpected and be aware of the start of noticeable changes to your physical and emotional state following the infection.

Is hair loss normal after a fever or illness?

Fever is a common symptom of COVID-19 and many hair stylists from across the globe have seen a significant and noticeable hair loss effect within their clientele since the breakout of this world wide pandemic.

Most of these people saw noticeable hair loss two to three months after having Covid. Handfuls of hair, severe thinning and texture change has been the general consensus when talking to stylists across the world. From the UK to the USA and across the globe, women and men have come out and shared their experiences post Covid with their stylists hoping to find a cure or relief from this devastating effect from Covid..

Stress can also cause hair loss!

Even if you never developed a fever or COVID-19, you may still see hair loss. Emotional stress can also force more hairs than normal into the shedding phase. And who isn’t feeling more stressed and anxious during the pandemic these days with all of the variants that have risen in the last year? While seeing your hair fall out in clumps can add to your stress, it’s important to try to de-stress and to get professional guidance from your local hair salon and hair stylists on what to do to help alleviate these effects and to gain the self confidence back to feeling normal again.

Hair tends to return to normal on its own within a year.

When the cause of your hair loss is due to a fever, illness, or stress, hair tends to return to normal on its own while maintaining proper diet and hair regimens. You just have to give it time and trust in the process that you hair stylists ha recommended. As your hair grows back, you’ll notice short hairs that are all the same length by your hairline. Most people see their hair regain its normal fullness within six to nine months but can take up to a year to see any sort of progress to normalcy.

What can YOU do about this hair loss devastation?

There isn’t much history to learn from, from the effects Covid has had and the role it has played in people across the globe. Hair salons like Fringe Salon and Color Bar in Houston are no strangers to supporting women and men of all ages who are suffering from this Covid after effect. From the amazing Eufora products that are people and planet friendly to the services they offer, the team at Fringe is here for YOU and offers a complimentary virtual consultation to discuss your options.


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