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“The staff is extensively trained, and every color comes out better than the last. If you are looking for a salon that can truly customize the perfect color, you’ve found the place.”

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Davines hair care line oil

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We are proud to use the Davines hair care line. All products are enriched with active ingredients sourced from Slow Food Presidia Farms in Italy to contribute to the biodiversity of our planet. 1% of your purchase will be donated by Davines to 1% for the Planet to support environmental charities.

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Blu Blog #3 – 01/29/19

As we are ending this month at a balmy 9 degrees in the forecast, February is just around the corner, which means we are THAT much closer to spring and all the warmth it brings ... hopefully. Which, in turn, means a change of color might be on the radar for some of...

Blu Blog #2 – 1/22/2019

Spoken from the lips of the great Martin Luther King himself. The question for today is "What inspires you and continues to inspire you on the daily?" Well, we couldn't have planned a better question for this week, as yesterday was a day where we celebrated the life...

Mover, Shaker, Difference Maker…It’s A Wild Ride But Worth It!

The purpose of this blog is to introduce myself, The Primary Project and hopefully, acquire your help with the launch of this new initiative in the St Louis community. My name is Nicole Gillick. I believe in the power of God, the power of prayer and the power of a...

Today Is A Gift!

  Today is a gift! What a loaded statement. Sometimes it’s loaded with truth we can see, feel, touch and taste, those times when everything around us is in perfect harmony. Other times it feels like it’s loaded with a pile of crap the size of Lake Michigan,...

Flamboyage, Balayage, Foil…How to choose?

With so many options for dimensional color these days, how would anyone know what to ask for when scheduling an appointment?  There is no right or wrong label when scheduling an appointment. The truth of the matter is, all of these techniques are creative, dimensional...


Balayage  has officially  become our go to service for clients wanting those sun-kissed, natural looking highlights.  The french word, meaning to sweep or to paint,  is definitely considered a specialty technique among salon professionals. Even though every where  we...

Create a sassy bob without cutting your hair!

Check out this super easy, do it yourself "faux" bob, compliments of L'Oreal Professional.  It has been the perfect solution for changing it up without committing to shorter hair for our long hair lovers! Try it on  for a little holiday sass and let us know your...

Fast & Easy Holiday Hair!!!

Looking for a do it yourself holiday hair style? Check this video, compliments of L'Oreal Professional out for a quick, fab look! [youtube][/youtube]

Things To Consider Before Making Over Your Hair Color

    Most people are unhappy after a major change in their hair color…here are some things to consider, so you end up as happy as this blonde to red transformation! Odds are,  if you are a  woman, you have been here… the unexpected morning when you glance...












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