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BEST SHINE: EuforaStyle Gloss Dry Shine Spray

BEST THERMAL PROTECTOR: EuforaStyle Thermal Defense Prep

BEST STYLING LAUNCH: EuforaStyle Firm Mist

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Aloetherapy products are based in Certified Organic Pharmaceutical Grade Aloe Vera and are designed to relieve the adverse effects of irritants such as of exposure to harsh UVA and UVB rays. Clean formulations feature sustainably sourced ingredients like Aloe Stem Cells and Water Lily for intense moisture and hydration. Infused with Oat Avenanthramides to reduce redness and itch, this collection is perfect for the whole family

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to book a hair salon appointment here in Houston, is by visiting the website and filling out a new guest or returning guest form, or you can also do it right now by text at 713-528-8955. We also offer a booking link on our Instagram and Facebook page. 

FRINGE is located at 2400 W. Alabama Street, Houston, TX 78757 next to Kuhl-Linscomb and down the street from OVME Houston and Chase Bank.

All salon services are base prices and the final price will be determined by each individual’s length, thickness, amount of color and time used to serve you. If you have any questions, please take the time during your consultation to discuss more specific details to get a more realistic quote.

  • A virtual consultation is recommended if you need more than a “maintenance touch up or a typical follow up appointment”. 
  • All haircuts and hair colors that are intended for a “change” or a “transformation” will require a consultation with one of our hair color experts or master hair stylists to give you a realistic price and beauty plan specific to your individual needs.
  • Not all hair color services are created equal across the board. Prices often vary and how many actual appointments it will take to get where you want to go are determined by your own individual hair history and will be based on your own beauty plan from your hair colorist to achieve your desired hair goals
  • Prices will vary person to person, and at each appointment depending on what needs done and the time in between the last hair color service performed. What needs done will be determined by how long ago your last appointment was and how long it will take to do it at this appointment. The longer in-between services, the more products and time that will be needed from your stylist, therefore the price may be higher or lower depending on this and your desired hair goals. 
  • All cancellations and no shows on the same day will be charged 100% of their booked services and require a booking fee to reserve time off the books for all future services. Cancellations within 24 hours will be charged 50% of their booked services. 

All guests get to enjoy one complimentary bang trim in between reservations with your stylist only. Please call ahead and reserve a time with your preferred hair stylist.

  • Immediately take a selfie or have someone take a clear photo or your hair immediately after leaving the salon and text us this picture and your concerns to why you have the dissatisfaction. 
  • DO NOT do anything yourself at home. Please send the salon the complaint via text at 713-528-8955 and the management and support staff will handle it upon receiving it. They will assess the appointment and situation at hand with all parties involved and determine a plan of action to make you like your hair. 
  • Re-do’s are based on the discretion of the service provider, salon owner/manager and the and the consultation details and all that was involved in the process. A Change of mind is not warranted for a refund or a redo without additional charges. 
  • Mistakes or something left undone will be honored at no charge within 2 weeks of date of service and must be handled with management immediately to resolve the issues to get you back in in a timely manner. If there is a real problem and you can’t make it within the 2 weeks, the guarantee is void. All services must be seen within 2 weeks of the original appointment.

Hair extensions are an investment and commitment for sure so be prepared for it. The process involves color and texture matching by one of our expert colorists and extensionists. We do require you to have an in person consultation to meet your hairstylist and to allow them to assess your needs to accurately determine how much hair we will need to order, what color and texture is best for you, and how long the appointments will take. All follow up appointments will incur service charges to maintain the type of extensions you get.