Since 2011, Fringe Salon And Color Bar: A Color Salon Has Been Dreaming Big. We Want Our Guests To Be Amazed With The Choices We Offer, Excited By The Excellence Fringe Salon And Color Bar Provides And Thrilled With The Service And Reliability Of Every Interaction. Our Goal Is To Provide You With A Consistently Superior Guest Experience, Whether In The Ease Of Scheduling An Appointment, A Visit To Our Salon Or By Following Up To Ensure Your Happiness. Our Guest Guarantee Lets You Know What You Can And Should Expect From Us And What We’re Doing To Hold Ourselves Accountable Every Day.

We Make The Following Guarantees:


A luxury experience without the attitude

We want everyone who wants an elevated level of service in a beautiful environment to feel like they can walk in to our salon without dressing up or feeling “fancy.” We all love nice things, but you should be able to enjoy a great environment and be treated well. Our goal is for you to feel at home and like you are a member of our community. You belong here.

A Consultative, Holistic Approach

We believe you deserve to never have to worry about or take care of your hair on your own. This is why we always offer suggestions for new services, new ideas you may not have thought about and expert advice when we see something that you may not even realize is happening to your hair or scalp. We will also make product recommendations and set maintenance schedules, so you look and feel amazing EVERY DAY…NOT just the day your in our chair.

Your service, YOUR Way

Don’t want to talk? NO Problem! Wany a social experience, GREAT! You let us know your preference, and we will make sure it happens for you. Whatever you have experienced in salons before is not what you have to accept. You can have it your way!

Extreme Value

We ARE NOT the least expensive hair salon you can visit, and we promise to offer extreme value in exchange for a price that allows our team to earn a living we believe they deserve for how hard they work. We do not want to be a factory, so we focus on ensuring every stylist has enough time, which requires us to see less clients during the day. We also want to slow down the experience to be able to perform a relaxing shampoo experience and have thorough consultations, so we all know we are on the same page. 

An Attention to detail AND your time

We will continue to ensure we do not overbook ourselves or rush your service. At the same time, we will not take hours and hours for your service, if it is not necessary. You deserve the highest quality service in the least amount of time possible. This is where our commitment to education comes in. We constantly coach our team to ensure they are taking the appropriate time needed for your service without too much time wasted or too little time reserved. 

The Best Stylists in Houston

A great stylist is defined by their technical skill, the attention and service they provide you, and their care for your hair beyond the day you are in the salon. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure they are tenchically prepared for you. You will often find very young stylists behind the chair at FRINGE who may seem like they just entered the industry. Our team is put under such rigorous training and practice, that a stylist who has been in our education program for one year has the skillset of a 5 year veteran. A 3 year stylist will perform like a 10 year veteran or better. 

Sustainable, High-Performing Products

We believe non-toxic haircare and makeup is possible and can also perform. We choose products that are committed to the health of our team, hair, skin and scalp, and YOU! The first requirement of any product is that it is non-toxic. From there, we choose THE BEST options with sustainable practices and ingredients, along with the most innovative science. You may not have heard of the brands we carry, but we promise, you will never use anything again once your convert. 

An open mind and “open door policy”


In the corporate world, an open door policy is created to help everyone feel comfortable to speak up at any time, sharing great news and challenges with people who can make a difference. You are welcome to tell us the things you think we’re winning at and also any challenges you may have. We will work to make things right for you and will never tell you you’re wrong. 


Customized Solutions


If anything doesn’t work for you, please let us know. We will do everything in our power to make things right and create a solution that works for you.